Conference topics

GEOBIA 2016 topics

GEOBIA 2016 will continue to be a platform to present research and development on the traditional topics: theory/concepts, methods/algorithms, and OBIA applications.

  • OBIA & and modeling
  • Multi-scale and multi-temporal interpretation strategies and representations
  • Accuracy assessment
  • Integration with GIS
  • Evaluation of classification methods
  • Machine learning methods
  • Application domains (urban, resource management, forestry, water, disasters, planning, health, archaeology/cultural heritage, geomorphology)
  • New data types & sensor systems
  • 3D object generation and processing

In light of the conference theme – solutions & synergies – we are aiming at a specific focus on the following:

  • Operationalization of OBIA solutions
  • Transferability of solutions to other datasets, datatypes and data of different quality
  • Automatic determination of segmentation and classification parameters and thresholds
  • Objective success scoring of OBIA solutions (e.g., via the Benchmarking exercise) [hyperlink]
  • Open source solutions
  • Big data
  • Machine learning methods
  • Point-cloud analysis
  • Processing of UAV data (very high resolution, oblique)
  • Developments in GIS-based OBIA