Conference Hotel Drienerburght

Conference Hotel Drienerburght

We have reserved a large number of rooms in the following 2 hotels, one on the campus and one in downtown Enschede

Recommended hotels:

Conference Hotel Drienerburght * (on campus)

Until 13 August 2016, 60 rooms are reserved for Geobia 2016.
Price: € 90 per room incl. breakfast (double room), € 76 incl. breakfast (single room)

Reserve your room at the Conference Hotel Drienerburght


InterCity Hotel Enschede * (Enschede town centre)

Until 1 August 2016 80 rooms are reserved for Geobia 2016.
Price: € 89 standard room incl. breakfast, € 99 business room incl. breakfast

InterCity Hotel

InterCity Hotel

Reserve your room at the InterCity Hotel Enschede


Additional hotels:


Hampshire Hotel De Broeierd * (across the campus)

Hotel Rodenbach * (Enschede city centre, close to train station)

ITC International Hotel * (Enschede city centre, student hotel)

Van der Valk Hotel Zuiderval (will open mid 2016, no information available yet)

* Note: The municipality of Enschede has decided to proceed with the introduction of city tax starting from 1 April 2016. The rate is set at € 1.25 per person per night. This amount will be charged from 1 April to guests with the exception of guests who live in Enschede.



Hampshire City Hotel (across train station Hengelo, 5 km)

Van der Valk Hotel Hengelo (located at A1 motorway)


Location of hotels, University of Twente, train and bus stations can be found on the map below